Morris+Company are a London and Copenhagen based practice that work on housing, schools, healthcare, workplaces, tall buildings, neighbourhood masterplans, research, campaigns and much more.

Our teams rich, cross-sector experience informs every stage of the project journey - connecting environmental sustainability with economic, social, and cultural resilience.

We start with a deep dive into the character of a place: what it is now and what it could become. We listen, empathise and respond with designs that rigorously observe and exceed the brief, balancing the ambition and vision with deliverable impact. We use craft and technology to test, imagine and develop ideas and draw on data-driven design to seek out the solutions that minimise the impact on our planet.

We are open-minded and people-focused, balancing the need of local communities with the global impact of development. Working hand in hand with exceptional clients and project partners we actively engage and collaborate with the communities we serve.

Our studios are inclusive, constructive spaces where we embrace new learning and insight, and where we teach, initiate research, share knowledge and inspire change.

Drone footage-July 2023 During construction
Life at Mare Street Our doors are open to the community; hosting events, exhibitions, lectures and more
A circular approach Design for Disassembly
Post-occupancy visit. July 2023 "The café has been such a success and in such demand that it has had to be reconfigured to be larger and allow for a larger queuing area, and is not twice the size."
Roundtable Event: Circular Biodiversity Held at our Featherstone rooftop pavilion; featuring 400sqft of planting, and 100% biodiversity net gain
Camden nearing completion-Summer 2023
The inspiration behind The Featherstone Building Joe Morris speaks about how we referenced the industrial history of Old Street through the design features on the façade, including the scalloped Juliette balconies and the contrasting brickwork. This is one of a series of videos created with Derwent
Featherstone Building Works on site
Architect of the Year Shortlist 2019 We were shortlisted in 3 categories this year, including Public Architect of the Year.
We're delighted to have been shortlisted for Office Architect of the Year 2019
We're delighted to have been shortlisted for Housing Architect of The Year 2019
Launch Event Joe introducing the new practice website and identity to friends and collaborators
Hand-made sector booklets
Morris + Company Limited Edition Morris + Company Stationery
Being made/ Being used
Testing finishes Testing transitions
New housing book
Hand-threading the booklets
Threading the booklets by hand
Impromptu discussion Over coffee and models
#achangeofstate The Morris + Company tote bags being hand dipped in latex.
Long summer evenings
A glimpse through the studio From main gathering/presentation space through to the modelshop
Opening Event within the central gathering space with the client, Maudsley Charity.
Ready to present With a wealth of ideas to discuss