To meet the challenges we’ve set ourselves as a planet-profitable practice, we have to continue to evolve. This begins inside the studio where, by investing time and expertise, we are nurturing a spirit of responsibility and innovation that adds value to any brief, to the benefit of our clients, the building’s users and the wider environment.

Each person in the company is encouraged to take ownership of their work, and is supported as they develop their career and expertise. With fresh eyes on every opportunity and an open system of critique and review, we are able to continuously adapt and grow without diluting either our company culture or design rigour.

Londonon In 2016 our practice extended to include Londonon, a rolling research and residency programme run by collaborating London based architecture practices.
Model Mountain Our evolution over 16 years of practice
Model Matrix Model making is essential in the evolution of all our projects
Bay Studies Using models to test different iterations of our work is essential to our practice.