OFFICE+ : Doing Way More with Way Less

Our practice discussions have increasingly reflected on how to convert opportunities created by increasing efficiencies into spatial and programmatic richness, something we have come to coin OFFICE+

Workplaces can and should be more than just places to perform repeated duties. They are places in which the widest variety of task and non-task activities should coalesce. They are places for culture, for economics, for creativity, for social exchange. As such, our workplaces are designed around the notion that long term provocation is more valuable than simply short term financial reward.

This means building in spatial generosity whilst addressing the latent environmental impact of materials, finding opportunity for people to encounter each other, focusing on forging strong links with the city through varied programme and blurred boundaries, encouraging the public to enter the building and linking internal areas to the wider landscape.

The discussion with Agnieszka Glowacka of Haptic Architects Ltd & Isabel Allen of Architecture Today captured several themes, dwelling upon Morris+Company’s consented project in #PaddingtonCentral for British Land, featuring a nine story suspended frame of biophilic design. #officedesign #office #OFFICE+ #workplace #workplacedesign

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