A new high street, a civic square and four areas of new housing including; a terrace of family homes, an apartment block overlooking a park and two plots at the centre of a 7-phase masterplan.

Ecoworld with Poplar HARCA
277 Homes
16,000 sq.ft retail

“The project is truly a partnership based on our shared ethos of designing a neighbourhood with and for residents, and we are thrilled to have Morris + Co on board for this once-in-a-generation regeneration.”
Conor McGahon, Managing Director at Ecoworld London

+ Phase 4 of a 7-Phase masterplan including estate regeneration
+ New 'high street' and civic square providing retail, workspaces and community hub
+ Affordable, shared ownership and market sale housing across various typologies: terraced family housing, apartments, maisonettes

‘’The regular contact and integration of the M+Co team has been critical for ourselves as QS/EA in making sure the cost and programme are kept relevant and up to date as the design has progressed on Aberfeldy. M+Co have been key in driving the whole team to ensure design clashes are controlled, whilst preserving the client stakeholder considerations and engaging with the delivery supply chain to ensure the design is achievable. The team at Circle enjoy working with a likeminded consultant, with a primary focus on making sure the client has a building to suit all of their needs, whilst consideration the constraints of a budget and delivery programme.’’

Peter Christmas, Associate Director, Circle Development (QA/Employers Agent)

+Extensive public and stakeholder consultation process
+All plots target GLA wholelife carbon and circular economy principles
+ Plot J designed to acheive Net Zero Carbon

+Intensive and active community engagement through youth engagement and resident steering groups
+Meanwhile use project and programme throughout construction phases
+Detailed Phase Application to be submitted alongside Hybrid Masterplan Application

Client: EcoWorld with Poplar HARCA
Masterplan Architects: Levitt Bernstein
Structural/MEP/Civil Endineers: Meinhardt
Landscape Architect: LDA
Community Youth Engagement: ZCD Architects
Retail Consultant: AND
Transport: Velocity
Planning Consultant: DP9
QS: Circle
Communications: Lowick

Aberfeldy New Masterplan wins Pineapple Award for Community Engagement In July we won the Pineapple Award for Community Engagement with EcoWorld London, Poplar HARCA, Levitt Bernstein, ZCD ARCHITECTS LTD and LDA Design for the Aberfeldy New Masterplan.
Aberfledy Stories On 30th June we attended the launch of the 'Aberfeldy Stories' exhibition, which features portraits of residents, business owners and community leaders, shot by local photographer J C Candanedo. The display also included information about our work on the Aberfeldy New Masterplan
Aberfeldy Youth Engagement
Aberfeldy Youth Engagement
Aberfeldy Stakeholder Engagement
Plot F Design Development Detailed facade elevation
Plot F Design Development Vignettes
Plot F Concept Narrative
Plot F Design Development Streetscape
Plot F Design Development
Plot F Design Development
Plot F Massing Development Character and wayfinding
Plot F Massing Development Character and wayfinding
Plot F and Plot H Overlay
Plot F Key Design Principles Stitch into the patchwork, sculptural form, civil presence and public realm
Plot F Concept Response
Plot H Proposed Facade Detailed elevation
Plot H Elevation
Plot H Proposed Facade
Plot H Design Development Shopfronts
Plot H Design Development Streetscape
Plot H Design Development
Plot H Massing Development
Plot H Massing Devevelopment
Plot H Massing Development Gable development
Plot H Massing Development Collection of buildings
Plot H Highsteet Plan
Plot H Highstreet Sketch
Plot I Key Design Principles Doormat patchwork to street that reflects a vibrancy and character of existing community
Plot H Key Design Principles Retail frontage, public vs private, street patchwork
Plot H Concept Response
Plot H Existing Site Aberfeldy St
Plot I Resident's Amenity
Plot I Proposed Facade Deatiled elevation
Plot I Facade Development
Plot I Facade Development
Plot I Facade Development Courtyard view
Plot I Facade Development
Plot I Key Design Principles Response to flood constraints, long ranging views and public route to Braithwaite Parka
Plot I Concept Response
Plot J Proposed Massing View from Lochnagar St
Plot J Massing Development
Plot J Elevations Detailed facade elevation
Plot J Elevations
Plot J Character Development
Plot J Character and Wayfinding
Plot J Design Development
Plot J Key Design Principles Family homes, a new street, generous private amenity and door-step play
Ploit J Concept Response
Plot J Emerging Context

Aberfeldy Village