A dense cluster of high quality apartments on the Thames at Kew Bridge, with a faceted form to maximise daylight, open up river views and soften the buildings into their context.

London Green/Topland Group
Brentford, London
c£65 million
193 homes

“The architect were methodical and experimental in their approach, testing many options in plan and model form, and reviewing the merits of each with us at weekly workshops. We settled on an unexpected arrangement of massing and plans with a scheme that creates desirable, spacious layouts and manages to achieve around 75% apartments with a view to the river, parkside and/or Kew Gardens beyond. They engaged early with our townscape consultant and worked directly into verified views from an early stage, so that we could review planning risks from the earliest proposals.’ James Tregoning, Director, London Green
  • Provide density at the same time as maximising quality layouts, views and daylight
  • Picturesque views across and along the Thames
  • Faceting of building avoids single aspect units

Client: London Green/Topland Group
Structural Engineer: Heyne Tillett Steel
Services Engineer: Skelly & Couch
Environmental: Peter Brett Associates
Engagement: Thorncliffe
Landscape: Planit-IE

Interlocking Blocks The stepped forms illustrate a subtle shift in colour between the blocks.
Interlocking Blocks A precast datum wraps around the stepped forms projecting outwards to form terraces.
A Precast Ribbon Wraps around the stepped forms to create terraces.
Cafe Entrance Testing A render looks at the position of the entrance and the fenestration composition for a cafe.
Datum & Infill Testing colours, texture and material finishes for the floor datum and the infill.
Site wide model study #riverthames
Testing Typical Flat Layouts Using 1:20 models to test internal layouts and finishes.
Model #housing #model #architecture
Explorative Model Studies Investigating a full range of conceptual site strategies.
Scheme Evolution Massing development from a single mass to a developed series of conjoined block clusters.
Stepped Form Parti sketch exploring a stepped form offering multi-aspect, provide areas of external shelter & exposure.
Massing exploration of tower form, clusters, heights and position.
Site History Historically the site was an infrastructure and industrial hub linked to the Grand Union Canal.
Multi-aspect Breaking down of a traditional block to provide flats with multi-aspect access & views.
Balcony study A foam model used to test the horizontal datum and balustrade options.

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